Week 3 - July 20th - July 24th 

Engineering & Rocket Science
We’ll launch into the universe of rocket science with an emphasis on the scientific method and the Engineering Design Process as young scientists experiment, create, test, and prove their understanding of new concepts and skills in physics and engineering. We’ll hand-build sky cruisers, H2O shuttles, pop airplanes, and parachute rockets to discover fundamental STEM concepts including Newton’s Laws of motion, gravity, propulsion and flight. Makers will discover the dynamics of energy and the forces of physics that power and move our world.  


Stop Motion Moviemaking
Lights, camera, action! Let’s discover our inner movie director by making animated movies! We’ll learn the science behind stop-motion animated films. We’ll start with mechanical forms of animation such as flipbooks, thaumatropes, and phenakistoscopes. Then, we will move on to stop-motion animation video production using whiteboard, cut paper, clay, LEGO figures, and experimental materials. We will edit and add effects to our videos in post-production then share our finished products for the world to see. An emphasis will be placed on learning Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” (the story framework found in most novels, legends, movies, and games) and storytelling mechanics such as plot arcs, character development, and conflict resolution

Friday Field Trip:

Long Island Air & Space Museum, Long Island, NY

After a guided tour of the museum exhibits, Campers will participate in a special museum led class to learn about the science behind rockets.  They will then build, decorate and launch their very own solid fuel Estes rockets

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