Week 2  -  July 13th - July 17th

Redstone Engineering & Minecraft Modding in Java

Campers will learn programming logic and fundamental engineering concepts through the game of Minecraft using Java code that generates terrain, objects, mechanisms, AI players, seed algorithms, command blocks, resource packs, code modifications (aka “mods”), multiplayer worlds, and maybe a few secret treasure chests and mob spawners along the way! We’ll collaborate to establish game objectives, manage team workflow, playtesting, and innovation cycles as part of the Engineering Design Process. MineCraft’s extensive modding community allows makers to remix and share code sequences, games, animations, and worlds as they dive deeper and deeper into the world of programming. Screen time becomes learning time as we transform Minecraft from a simple game to a STEM and programming learning environment that your young engineer will return to play and build in time and time again


Creating Wearable Electronics & The Internet of Things
Google Glass, the Apple Watch, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, the Nike Fuelband fitness tracker, and even your smart phone are all examples of "Wearable Electronics," devices we wear that add practical functionality to our lives. Young makers in this camp will create electronic bracelets and fashions, monitors, and interactive devices that respond to the environment around them. They will also be introduced to crafting and building devices that are part of the “Internet of Things” for the smart home, school, and community. Wearable Electronics is in its infancy but is a booming DIY movement and industry. Let’s explore it together! 

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