Kids Institute

Tech Summer Camp  

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Week 1 - July 6th - July 10th

Intro to Computer Programming: Scratch Video Game Design Programming & 3D Design

We’ll build programs, games, and animations using Scratch: the drag-and-drop, color-coded, event driven programming block editor, and create some epic 3D structures using the latest computer-aided design software (CAD). Young makers will learn the fundamentals of programming with this fun introduction from the MIT Media Lab including if/then statements, loop structures, data variables, mathematical and boolean operators, and even external device control. Makers will also design 3D objects and structures in TinkerCAD and learn the fundamental skills industrial designers, architects, and engineers use to design everything from toys and phones to robots and cars.

Option B: (Alternative activity available to campers this week)

Non-Digital Game Design Workshop

We love to play games and we love to build new ones! In this workshop, young makers study the history of games from ancient times to present and explore diverse genres of game design including games of chance, sports, school-yard games, card games, board games, and role–playing games. Students will work in teams and utilize the Engineering Design Process to conceptualize, prototype, and playtest their own original card and board games. An emphasis will be placed on systems-design and the development of skills in topics such as the social function of games, risk and reward, role-playing, probability, simulation, strategy, goals, rewards, and leveling up.

Friday Field Trip:

New York Hall of Science, Queens NYC

After touring the museum and playing with the many hands-on science focused exhibits, campers will take part in a class in NYSCI's state-of-the-art Maker Lab where they will create and design a "Maker" project, enabling them to make discoveries, test hypotheses and creatively solve a STEM challenge.